Friday, February 24, 2006

Check check and check

The website is almost complete. Because some of the code is generated from a program that I have only some control of, it’s not beautiful but alright. Lucky for me I'm a boy genius and found a way to keep the search engines from looking at the ugly coded sections of the site.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The page is looking a lot nicer. All the major bugs are worked out.

The objectives of today:
1. Background images for the subcategories
2. Make the source code compliant with W3 standards.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Coming together

The bullets of yesterday:

  • Top Tabs:Replace with articles

  • Search Bar: Replace with Google search

  • Index Page: Get rid of broken image and default text

The bullets of today:

  • Dynamically change the tab color of the current tab

  • Change the linking of the articles

Monday, February 20, 2006

When buying shoes and cloths, the product must meet my standards. Finding such products can be a tiresome process.
This weekend I bought a pair of work shoes. The soles on the old one became warn past the point of repair, they were not overly comfortable and the quality was not something to brag about. The convincing factor when I bought the old shoes was they looked almost identical to the Kenneth Coles I wanted but they were 20 bucks cheaper.

I’m not one to make up his mind because of some brand name or symbol plastered on it like a sponsored race car. The difference between the race car driver and the person with that cool logo on his shirt, pants, jacket, shoes and anything else he’s sporting is the race car driver is getting paid to sport the logos.

I like checking for quality, comfort, and don’t get me wrong, I like looking slick so fashion is a must. I looked around the shoe section of Macy’s not for shoes but for the best dressed sales person. Logically it makes sense that the best dressed person there will know what they are talking about when it comes to style. I have my own methods checking the quality.

I found a sales woman, well dressed and the shoe selection was of nice size. I explained the purpose intended for the prospective pair of shoes, work casual, worn with jeans and a button up. She pointed me in the right direction. She brought out Kenneth Coles, then Bostonian, then some no name.

I liked the Kenneth Cole style the most but a little to narrow for my foot. I decided to walk around in them while she grabbed a new style from the back. I strolled past the sales rack to the Ecco display. Without even picking them up I could see the quality of the shoe. The leather binding where the shoe meets the sole was stitched, not glued. This could be the first indication of a shoe is of better quality then that of a discount store knock off.

My interested provoked the hungry commission driven sales people to swarm. I usually don’t pay them any mind or dismiss them without a second glance with a “No thanks, I’m set.” One sales person, he was not intrusive like I was used to and he knew his stuff about these shoes in particular so we talked. It turns out the shoes I was looking at are hand made, they are fine quality, will last longer then most other shoes, are comfortable from the first day worn. They also looked nice. I tried one on and stood from the chair. I was so impressed by the way the one felt, I didn’t even bother putting the other one on.

By the time the girl came back with the other shoe, I had made my decision and was packing them up so I could pay for them. I think she was a little upset she didn’t have the last word in my purchase. Next time I’ll be more sensitive to that. None the less I have a nice pair of shoes on today.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Zen-Cart Project

This project was tossed my way when a shopping cart needed to be implemented on the company websites. Zen-Cart is an open source shopping cart free to the public with a very "out the box" template. While the programming provides an easy-to-use user and administration interface, the fact is, the template needs to be molded into something the company can use.

I am now in the process of learning the structure behind the program. I'm hacking the code into the malleable putty like substance so I can shape the template into something of true beauty.

Goal(s) of yesterday:

  1. Get the dang thing working
  1. Become familiarized with the hierarchical structure of the program
  1. Create a template based off the output of a Zen-Cart generated page.

I could put check marks next to the first two. The third I will be working on today.

Goal(s) of today:

  1. Create a template based off the output of a Zen-Cart generated page.

Although this goal might seem trivial, finishing a template will be tricky. I am working inside a restrictive structure. I’m in the programs territory and I'm working with the few files of the hundreds the program is comprised of.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Happy Guy With A Scarf

My lady friend hinted at her knitting talent. I decided to take advantage of her offer to knit me a scarf by choosing a pattern. I’m no expert when it comes to knitting patterns so I visited and chose myself a stitch.

Help me choose:

The color story:

River Rock Moulinette
My Scarf

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I took a trip to Killington VT this past weekend. Let me paint the picture. A 10 person house, a hugungus Jacuzzi that fits 10 guys + two girls, beers to quench a small army's thirst and steaks for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Can life get better?

On Friday night it rained a little. Not enough to ruin the snow on the mountain but enough to keep the massively overpopulated crowed away. The boarding was ehhh but for my first time up for the season, I can't complain.

I got back from the long day at the mountain tired and hungry with the adrenaline still pumping threw my blood like rats in a flood. I needed some eats. Heather, the coolest female engineer I have ever met broke open a picnic basket filled with wine and string cheese. All the steaks in the world did not compare to this snack. String Cheese I love you so. I will be blunt, I love you for your string cheese Heather.

Unfortunately, I took off my hood from my jacket and lost it. Fortunately, I found a jacket I think I want more then heathers string cheese. Check it out, tell me what you think, search for ipod jacket at

I'm going again this weekend and the conditions will be no less then awesome (X'ed fingers).