Monday, January 23, 2006

Laundry day usually lands on the day I open my underwear draw to find 4 pairs of boxers left. This is not to say I’m lazy, I keep a ratio of underwear to cloths for this reason. When I have 4 pairs of boxers left I will have about the same amount of pairs of white socks, black socks and half the amount of brown socks.

A problem occurs when one from the pair gets sucked into the void dimension of lost socks. “Why me!?!” I cry as my entire perfect ratio is lost to this variable that I could not possibly have anticipated.

Although my first though would be to contact the authority in this matter, Of course this noble effort is fruitless. I’m sure if my lost sock would appreciate it if he knew.

My only solution to restore the “perfect ratio” is to throw the remaining sock away and buy a new pair of the same color category. This will usually be done from for the dressier socks or

Thursday, January 19, 2006

I found a Starbucks around the corner from where I work. I bought a caramel macchiato, call me a sissy if you will but it hits the spot on a cold muggy day like today.

A little interesting factoid about star bucks, the guys who started the company are from my home town of Great Neck, NY. My grandmother, who also lives in Great Neck, has a book of many interesting people who live or lived there. Some of the names include Kenneth Cole, the young, successful, metro-sexual clothing brand and Sara Hughes, the Olympic figure skater. If you haven’t heard of these people maybe you have heard of F. Scott Fitzgerald, if not by name, maybe you have heard of his book; “The Great Gatsby”

I’m sure I’ll be in the revised edition when it hits the streets.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Flip Flopper

Today I wake up at 8:30. I am sore from the workout last night. It was my first day back at the gym in about 5 or 6 years. When I stopped I was curling 85lbs. Fine, I wasn’t humungous but I was content with my physique.

The past few days I was showering in below freezing temperatures. The buildings boiler broke one day and was on the fritz the next . . . waking up to a cold shower is one of my least favorite things. When I turned on the shower I was happy to find steam forming clouds on the bathroom ceiling, like the sky on a summer’s day. Despite my aching body, I knew it was going to be a good day.

I began my walk to the subway, exited about the day, exited about work. I enjoy doing what I do; web page development/design. I’m learning PHP and MySQL to bring the pages to the next level. The winter took a break from its frigidness, the morning was beautiful. I watched the people of queens starting there walk to whatever their destination might have been that morning. I watched someone come out of the Laundromat with their clean pressed shirts and thought how happy clean pressed shirts from the Laundromat made me feel. Then I watched the tow truck with my car on back.

My day was taking a change of emotion. From a great day to something other then great, my world turned. I got to work a few minutes before ten, immediately looked up the pay-on-line service for tickets for New York City. I searched “New York City traffic tickets” . The fourth from the top of the unpaid google search hits was the one I was looking for (

Unfortunately something on their back end scripting did not work. I was less then pleased. Not only about the fact that I would have to pay my ticket of some robotic humanoid operator on New York City’s toll free line, but the fact I was going threw hell trying to find it on their own site.

I hate when web sites intentionally hide a contact phone number. If it’s a sales type website, having no contact number is a turn off to me. I am big on buying off the internet, but I am cautious about sketchy sites. Not having a phone number easily accessible triggers the “Warning: sketchy e-commerce website” sign in my head.

I still haven’t figured out why my car was towed nor do I care right now. I’m at work and should be working. Now you might question why I’m writing on my blog at work. Well don’t pop a brain cell. I’m just warming up the old fingers.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

When I was working on my undergrad education and, at first, my major was undecided. I found myself self reflecting when thinking about a major to choose. One day I decided to look in my internet explorer history (all the pages I have surfed for the past 20 days) for answers.

What I found in my internet browsing history was predominantly a bunch of links to Have you ever browsed “”? This site happened to be one of my personal favorites.

As a kid, I loved building/taking things apart. I was and still am genuinely interested in everything from how the little gadgets in my room work to how people could strap themselves to a string-less oversized kite and fly for hours (hang glider). helps me satisfy in my technical curiosity.

I decided to get my baccalaureate computer engineering. I figured it would be the most logical path for me to take.